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Posted by: Fatin Liyana
Where's your manner?
Sunday, January 22, 2017 | 7:18 PM | 8 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi

Where's your manners? --- So today I would like to talk about manners. First of all, pardon me for this emotional blog post. I already gave you a warning. Read at your own risk :)

Have you ever been in this situation, where we tried so hard, I mean, really really hard, to respect other people? That is what I'm doing right now, either at home, workplace, anywhere.

There is this situation where I tried so hard to respect other people, but they disrespect me. I was like.. "What the hell is wrong with you? Why don't you speak nicely to me?" (talking to myself)

This happens at the workplace to be exact. I'm okay if people are trying to correct me if I made mistakes, but can they just tell me nicely? It's so RUDE if people talk bad to me although I speak to them nicely. Sometimes I just feel like I want to slap their face so badly. But I can still control my feelings, although I actually hate it.

So my dear readers, what will you do if you are in the same situation like me? I would love to know your comments about this issue :)

Hello to my Vivo
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 | 12:33 AM | 1 comments
Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi semua.

Macam mana hari korang hari ni? Hari ni cik Fatin kerja syif petang, jadi sempat la jenguk blog kejap dan update entri baru. Dah sebulan takda apa-apa update, kesian followers blog ni. Minta maaf ye semua, Fatin tak sengaja. Bukan tak nak update, tapi busy sikit dengan kerja. Balik-balik kerja pun dah letih, memang fikir nak tidur je.

Nak dimulakan cerita, smartphone Fatin dah sampai masanya. Takda angin takda ribut, rosak tak tahu la sebab apa. Memang terus tak boleh nak on phone tu. Try cas bateri, tetap sama jugak. Maknanya bukan masalah bateri, tapi memang sebab phone tu dah sampai masanya nak rosak kan..

Tak dinafikan, smartphone memang dah jadi satu kewajipan dalam kehidupan seharian kita. Zaman sekarang ni orang dah tak guna dah SMS ni. Nak contact pun melalui aplikasi WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat dan banyak lagi aplikasi lain kan. Semuanya menggunakan internet. Kalau phone zaman dulu-dulu mana ada internet macam sekarang ni.

Haa, jadi bila dah phone rosak, macam mana nak pi kerja? Hahaha.. Phone adik Fatin, Arissa la yang menjadi mangsa. Kesian dia masa cuti sekolah haritu tak dapat nak berchatting dengan kawan-kawan sekelas dia, sebab phone sudah dirembat oleh kakaknya. Tapi tu untuk beberapa hari saja. Dalam seminggu macam tu Fatin pinjam kejap phone dia untuk kegunaan kerja.

Abah dan mama, menjadi seorang ibubapa yang prihatin, pergi la ke mall sebab nak carikan phone baru untuk Fatin. Mula-mula tu diorang pergi sebab nak repair iPhone abah je. Tapi dalam masa yang sama, pergi survey dan terus belikan phone baru untuk Fatin. Masa new year baru-baru ni, Fatin keluar dengan cinta hati jap, survey phone la. Sebab nanti dapat gaji terus nak beli baru je, gantikan phone Asus yang dah rosak tu. Dah berkenan kat satu phone ni. Memang aim yang tu je lah.

Nak tahu phone apa yang Fatin aim tu? Ni lah dia ... :)

Vivo Y55
Gambar diambil menggunakan phone adik Fatin iaitu Asus Zenfone 5

Sebenarnya kan.. Fatin masih lagi belum dapat gaji. Majikan bayar lambat which makes me rasa geram la jugak sebab dah sebulan lebih ni tapi gaji belum masuk ke account lagi. 

Korang jangan salah faham tau. Phone baru tu bukannya hadiah tau. Hahaha nanti dah dapat gaji of course la Fatin kena bayar balik duit abah sebab dia yang tolong belikan dulu. Tapi, alhamdulillah.. Dalam seminggu je dah dapat phone baru, jadi tak perlu nak runsing lagi dah fikir macam mana nak contact sesiapa atas urusan kerja sebab phone hari tu rosak.

By the way, I'm still waiting for a better job. Kerja yang sekarang ni memang agak memenatkan, tambah lagi kalau hari yang full shift sebab other staff cuti. Memang penat. Please pray for me, for a better future. InsyaAllah Fatin juga turut doakan yang terbaik untuk kalian semua :)

InsyaAllah dalam masa terdekat ni Fatin akan cuba buat review mengenai phone Vivo ni. Stay tuned :)

Save the Date : Online Fever is coming !
Wednesday, December 7, 2016 | 9:29 PM | 0 comments

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15 Things You Don't Know About Me
Sunday, November 27, 2016 | 7:29 PM | 1 comments
Picture from Google

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone! How did you spend your weekend? Today I went out with my boyfriend because it has been a month since the last time we went out for..let's say, dating. Since I got another new job, I'm not sure when will be my off day from work. Besides, I just got back from dating this evening. I even asked him to accompany me to shopping mall because I want to buy a new shoes. 

I logged in my blogger account and have stumbled upon Fatin's new blog entry. You can read her entry here. So this evening I would like to talk about 15 Things You Don't Know About Me. Let's get started.

  1. I'm 24 years old. At this age, people would call as not-too-young-and-not-too-old. Sometimes they have mistaken me as a married person. That's because I look matured than my age.
  2. I look tall in pictures, but the reality is I'm quite a short little girl. I'm 153cm. Hahaha.
  3. I love to eat, but I don't know how to cook. I think I only know how to make sambal, fried rice, fried noodles, yeah sort of that. People always think that I know how to cook. Sorry, but I'm not. I'm not into cooking, but I know things will change after I get married. 
  4. I love makeup but I don't know how to makeup. Let's just say, I go out with powder and lipstick, sometimes I add on mascara. Buying many makeup stuffs will cost a lot of money. I would rather spend my money more into foods, because I love to eat more compared to makeup.
  5. I love pink color so much back then, but slowly it turns out to be red. My car is red color, my handbag is red color, my computer mouse is also red, and my dresses are also in red color (most of them).
  6. I love to read romance novels when I was in high school. But after I finished my SPM, I totally did not have an interest into novels anymore.
  7. I love coffee. Whenever I'm going out to shopping mall, to restaurants, to cafes, I will surely order a cup / glass of coffee. It would rather includes cappucino, mocha, latte, hazelnut coffee (any types of coffee). I know drinking a lot of coffee is not good for our health. I did try to restrain myself from drinking too much of coffee.
  8. I love cheese.
  9. I don't like snakes, cockroaches, spiders. 
  10. I don't like boys or men that are too tall (because I'm short) =.='
  11. I love to read blog entries about beauty stuffs, makeup. And I think that is normal for a girl.
  12. I love to stalk people. Hahaha so beware :D
  13. I have this kind of habit which is I wanted to watch TV for tonight, but I end up playing games in my smartphone or laptop. And then I will started to say "I'm bored. I wanted to watch TV but I'm bored". Hahaha
  14. I feel insecure when I see beautiful girls around me. Although there's a lot of people said to me I look pretty the way I am.
  15. I'm a quiet person, but I get friendly with someone easily (I guess). But that depends to the situations too.
So that's 15 Things You Don't Know About Me. Feel free to do this topic too. I would love to read yours :)

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